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The Best Part of the Story: An Essay

An essay published in That First Year's Ebook: Tidbits & Tales from That First Year After College.


It was just another conversation, laughing about the same things we had for weeks. Falling hard for each other but being so very careful not to reveal too much.

“Do you have doubts about us?” he asked.

I turned over on my bed, playing with a stray thread on my pillow. “No,” I said without thinking. “None at all. Do you?”

“Not really,” he said.

I let out a breath I hadn’t realized I was holding.

“It’s just… Well, sometimes I don’t think you can keep up with me.”

The words echoed in my bones. I didn’t have to ask for an explanation. I knew exactly what he meant.

And the worst part is that I didn’t hang up.

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