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Equations: Published in Hothouse Literary Journal

An excerpt of "Equations," published in Hothouse, the English Undergraduate Literary Journal at the University of Texas at Austin.


You are beautiful. I was air. Sound rose from the speakers in his truck. Summer warmth crept into April. We rolled the windows down. I rested my head on his shoulder. The stars watched, blanketing us with tickling photons. The moon chuckled as I turned to stare at fate. He cradled my chin. Our lips and souls collided into contentment. Foolish people claim it’s like a fairytale. Fireworks. Spark. No. It is a flame that ignites and devours every part of your being. The fuel is eternal. Fireworks fade. Sparks fly away. Love is blatant. Purpose. Action. If uncertainty remains, love escapes.

An Object at Rest Will Remain at Rest

And now, as the leaves crunch, he learns. I wait. Dream. Hope for more. Black and white. Red. Silver, and finally, gold. Happiness is a continuous spectrum. A rainbow of companionship.

When the end comes, no force will shake us.

We will forever


in a cradle of our own


Chicken and Stars: Published in Echo Literary Magazine